Vintage Icons: Episode 1

Vintage Icons: Linda Rondstadt

Seventies icon Linda Rondstadt is having a moment right now, especially as her 1970 heartbreaker of a hit “Long, Long Time” was used in The Last of Us.

Musicians have long influenced my own style and my love for vintage fashion, particularly 1960s and 1970s styles. Linda’s own sense of style is relatable, timeless, and easy to replicate!

You need to look no further than the cover of her 1970 album Silk Purse.

Cute cap-sleeved top. Cutoff shorts. Adorable teased hair. Effortlessly cool.

This look is super easy to duplicate, and you’d look amazing walking down the street in the 21st Century! Simple but stunning.

That’s what I think of when I think of Linda’s style. Very down-to-Earth, extra-cute girl next door who can also sing like the angels just descended from Heaven!

How adorable is this little dress? Again, iconic 60s and 70s style but nothing over-the-top. Her look is very pure and cute.

1960s green linen mini dress

This little green mini dress would be the perfect Linda Rondstadt 60s-70s look. You don’t even need shoes! Tease up that hair. Go for those curtain bangs. Rock a cute mini and embrace that good-girl image.

Here’s another simple but adorable look! Cute top. Cutoffs. And those socks!

These cutoffs in the shop are from the 80s, but they’d fit in so well for your Linda-inspired look.

I could definitely see Ms. Rondstadt rocking these shorts with this rainbow tunic in the 60s or 70s.

1970s vintage rainbow shirt tunic

Is there one piece at 20th Century Fox Vintage I would put Linda Rondstadt in during the 1960s? Oh, yes! It would definitely be this fantastic 1960s romper with the cutest geometric knit design. It’s very cute, very sweet, and oh-so-groovy!

60s ivory romper with knit overlay

There are so many musicians, actors, and other icons that have and continue to influence fashion. Who should I feature next? Let me know!


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