Vintage Icons: Episode 3

Vintage Icons: Pam Grier

Few stars embody sex appeal more than the iconic Pam Grier!

Foxy Brown herself was absolutely one of the first female action stars. And there’s nothing more iconic than a trailblazer.

Dagger collars, bell bottoms, her iconic natural hair, and oodles of sex appeal defined Pam’s 1970s look.

When your film career begins in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, you know it’s gonna be a wild ride. And Pam’s career is almost as iconic as her look. Whether she’s tracking down inner-city drug dealers or battling evil women’s prison wardens, Pam always looks like the bad-ass woman of your dreams.

I mean, if someone is going to point a shotgun at you, you’ll want the last thing you see to be this babe! And in loafers no less! That’s hardcore.

Let’s say you want to look like a 1970s action-film badass. Where would you begin? Let’s start with those iconic tops. Now, you’ve got options here. The only non-negotiable is that 70s dagger collar.

You can either tuck your shirt into the widest flares you can find and skip to about the third button down so your cleavage is on display.

That dagger collar is everything!

Your other option with this dagger collar shirt is to tie that baby at your waist. Pair this with your tiniest Daisy Dukes or a pair of flares, a cute leather belt, and some platform heels. Et voila!

As luck would have it, I have a few really amazing 70s tops with those dagger collars in the shop. I think Pam would have rocked these tops back in the day!

1970s floral print psychedelic funky blouse

And let’s not forget about those flares!

1970s Studio 33 flared jeans

But Pam’s look goes beyond funky shirts and bell bottoms. Let’s talk jumpsuits, because this is one of my favorite of her looks:

Pam Grier in Coffy.

It reminds me so much of this absolutely incredible 70s jumpsuit available in the shop:

Let’s talk mini dresses! This one from the shop screams Pam Grier all day long!

And let’s take a moment to appreciate the oh-so-70s, oh-so-Pam faux fur funky coat.

Now, go forth, my hot babes! Grab those hot cutoffs. Tie up that funky dagger collar top. And hit the streets looking like iconic badass Pam Grier! Instant confidence.

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