60s Potato Sack Dress! Cute Novelty Dress!


60s potato sack dress


You’re so gorgeous, you’d make this 60s potato sack dress look sexy!

And here’s your proof! Slide into this absolutely adorable 1960s potato sack dress is kooky, cute, and fun!

The full text on this 60s potato sack dress says:

Be Beautiful in a Potato Sack

Looks like a sack

Feels like a sack

Is a sack

Fill with at least 100 pounds of charm and save money on new French inspired creations

Guaranteed to loose [sic] shape without ironing

For evening wear, add mink trimmings

This cutie would fit up to a modern US size L (12-14). Measurements, taken flat, are:

B: 19.5″

W: 20″

H: 20″

L: 37″ shoulder to hem

And if you like novelty dresses, you should definitely check out this 1960s aluminum foil and paper dress!

Marilyn Monroe potato sack dress
Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous enough to make a burlap potato sack sexy! And you are too!

There’s a tale that 20th Century Fox (the film studio, not the vintage shop) conducted the photo shoot to capture this image of film icon Marilyn Monroe wearing a tight-fitting burlap potato sack. Now, according to The Mind Circle, there are two possible stories behind the shoot.

The first suggests that a female critic was not exactly happy with a low-cut, form-fitting red dress Ms. Monroe wore at an event. She haughtily insisted that Monroe would’ve looked better had she been wearing a potato sack.

Another tale states that some anonymous person claimed Marilyn was so gorgeous, she could make a potato sack look sexy.

While the origin of this photo shoot has been lost to the ages, it’s iconic. Marilyn was beautiful enough to rock a potato sack. And you’re one hot tater tot, so you can too!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

L (12-14)


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