1980s Black Escada Dress! The Perfect LBD!


1980s black Escada dress

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This 1980s black Escada dress is beautiful, classy, and straight out of the 80s! It’s got those oh-so-80s shoulder pads, but the structure is soft and sweet.

The label is a French 38, but measurements, taken flat, are:

B: 16″
W: 12.5″
H: 16″
L: 36″ from shoulder to hem

And if you love 1980s dresses, I have loads of them in the shop! You might want to check out absolutely stunning 1980s purple silk high-neck dress!

Origins of the LBD

We can’t imagine fashion without the iconic little black dress. This particular dress is a cool, 60s take on it. But where did the LBD come from?

Before the 1920s, black dresses were reserved for mourning. You wouldn’t wear a black dress unless you were attending a funeral or mourning a loved one.

That all changed when Coco Chanel came on the scene. And believe me, I get that Coco is a hugely problematic figure, but I’m just dropping the history on you, not giving my approval of her or her horrific place in history.

But after the 1930s, black dresses were worn as chic, fashionable pieces that added an air of class and sophistication.

History of 80s Dresses

If you’re looking for a walk down Memory Lane, Vintage Dancer has a nostalgia-dripping piece on 1980s dresses! This one definitely fits the bill for you 80s-loving babes!

If you ask me, times they are a’changin’. Back in the 1980s, people in their teens and 20s were not wearing dresses like this. Instead, jeans were way more fashionable for young people. Everyone was wearing Levi’s, Guess, and Jordache, baby.

Dresses like this one were for working women, people well out of college and into their career years. Working moms.

I see so many younger people now rocking cute vintage dresses like this paired with Doc Martens, cute tights, awesome Granny-style sweaters, and cool eyewear. And I am here for it!

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