1980s Striped Robe from Miss Elaine!


1980s striped robe from Miss Elaine


Crisp and cute, this 1980s striped robe from Miss Elaine is the best way to start your day! Wrap up as you sip your coffee and greet the sun.

And if you love vintage lingerie, you’ve got to check out this adorable mid-century nightie! Add your favorite slippers, the sunrise, and relish those quiet moments in your cute robe!

This cutie would fit up to a modern US size M.

The robe features interior ties, a sash, and pockets!

Miss Elaine has a solid history as a creator of pajamas and sleepwear! You can still buy Miss Elaine sleepwear to this day, but I particularly love this vintage robe. There’s a crispness to it. That’s really the only word.

Miss Elaine has been around since 1926, which is really impressive if you ask me!

Did you know that sleepwear has evolved quite a bit since the early 1900s when pajamas were first used for bedtime. The British used nightshirts for traditional bedtime wear, but pajamas were brought over from Asia. And by the 1970s, pajamas and lounge wear were practically synonymous. And who doesn’t love a chill day spent curled up in your PJs and a robe?

Whatever the history and evolution of sleepwear, you won’t want to sleep on this fantastic robe!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in



Miss Elaine


White and Green


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