1980s Short-Sleeved Blazer in Bright Yellow!


1980s short-sleeved blazer in bright yellow

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This 1980s short-sleeved blazer in bright, sunny yellow is your 9 to 5 dream outfit!

Dress it up with a cute pencil skirt. Dress it down with jeans like this fantastic 1980s Brittania acid wash jeans. Or put it on top of your favorite summer dress! No matter how you style it, it is a lovely piece with a bit of that 80s pizzazz!

This yellow 1980s short-sleeved blazer is beautiful, handmade, and well-structured, making it perfect for spring and summer.

This would fit a modern US size S. Measurements, taken flat, are:

B: 17.5″
W: 15″
L: 21.5″

You don’t have to go over-the-top to get a 1980s office look. Vintage Dancer breaks down some of the most iconic 80s outfits, including dresses, blazers, and other attired you’d find in your typical 1980s workplace.

Shoulder pads are everything. Now, I’m not saying you need massive, linebacker-approved shoulder protection. A little structure goes a long way, and, let’s be honest, few things scream 80s louder than shoulder pads.

You’d find them on dresses, blazers, even blouses! And it’s not that hard to find well-structured vintage pieces with shoulder pads. Now, I have had some issues with pieces that have been, shall we say, lopsided. One pad in. One pad out. And should you find yourself in this predicament, grab yourself a seam ripper or a small pair of scissors and carefully (carefully) clip the threads holding the remaining shoulder pad in place. It’s just easier to make it all even!

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