60s Aluminum Foil Dress! Rare and Unique!


60s aluminum foil and paper dress the Dazzler

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This 60s aluminum foil dress is the dress of the future! Or at least it was in 1967!

This fabulous 1967 Beau Monde paper and aluminum foil dress was part of the wild and radical movement towards disposable clothing! That’s right. For all the talk of sustainability in 2023, this dress was meant to be worn and tossed! Here’s the original ad telling folks to mail in an aluminum foil label along with $3.50 to get this dress!

I did a recent blog on these aluminum foil and paper dresses that I hope you’ll find illuminating! Or is that alumin-ating?

1967 metallic dazzler dress ad

That’s what makes this beautiful dress so unique and rare. This one is in exceptionally good condition. There are bows at the shoulders that snap down.

A note about getting into this 60s aluminum foil dress, as it’s a little tricky. You’ll need to get in carefully, and once you start putting it on, you’ll see what I mean. Put up both your arms until they’re through the armholes and wiggle it down onto your body. There are no closures, but given the delicate fabric of paper and aluminum, you’ll need to use a bit of finesse. Still, worth the effort if you ask me. It’s a standout dress!

Label says M, but this would best fit a modern US size S. B: 36″, H: 42″, L: 35″

Can we talk about how cool this Reddit user’s mom looks in her foil dress? Outta sight!

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Beau Monde




Aluminum foil and paper


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