Kate Spade Chunky Heels in Taupe!


Kate Spade chunky heels in taupe

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These Kate Spade chunky heels in the cutest taupe color will be your go-to shoe for any outfit!

They’re stylish and timeless. These suede heels will work in any season, and the rounded toe makes them easy to wear!

These Kate Spade chunky heels are a US size 7.

Heel: 2″

If you love cute shoes like these heels, I have so many available in the shop! I personally love these Nine West floral pumps and another great pair of flats from Nine West!

The name Kate Spade is forever linked to beautiful handbags! She’s our modern-day equivalent of Enid Collins, but Kate’s bag were a much bigger hit when they came out. Back in 1993, Kate Spade opened her business manufacturing fashionable square purses. They were literally everywhere in the late 90s and early 00s.

I started my career in the publishing industry in New York City back in the late 90s, and every woman I knew carried a Kate Spade bag. Every person on the train had one. They were absolutely ubiquitous. Her bags became a rite of passage for a lot of women. And then her empire expanded to other accessories like shoes, clothes, jewelry, and more!

Glamour published a touching retrospective of Kate Spade and her life in 2018 after her tragic death.

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