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1960s mod black mini dress

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This mod 60s mini dress in neutral black might be the grooviest dress ever! I love the keyhole detail at the front, and the hemline is above-the-knee but not scandalous! A seriously cute piece that can be layered or styled on its own. This is a wool dress from Young Naturals by Barnsville.

Measurements, taken flat, are as follows:

B: 17″
W: 15″
H: 17″
L: 32″ from shoulder to hem

Origins of the LBD

We can’t imagine fashion without the iconic little black dress. This particular dress is a cool, 60s take on it. But where did the LBD come from?

Before the 1920s, black dresses were reserved for mourning. You wouldn’t wear a black dress unless you were attending a funeral or mourning a loved one.

That all changed when Coco Chanel came on the scene. And believe me, I get that Coco is a hugely problematic figure, but I’m just dropping the history on you, not giving my approval of her or her horrific place in history.

But after the 1930s, black dresses were worn as chic, fashionable pieces that added an air of class and sophistication.

History of 60s Fashion

And if you’re a fan of 1960s fashion, the Fashion Institute of Technology has an excellent article breaking down the history, looks, and influences that shaped the incomparable, rebellious fashion of the 60s.

The era was a time of rebellion, and the fashions matched up with those rebellious ideas. Gone were the days of the conformity of 50s fashion.

And even though the mini dresses like this one defined the decade, maxi dresses and mid-length dresses were also an important part of the 60s. What I love about this dress is how it can serve as a canvas for a look that is all your own!

If you love 60s dresses like this one, I have loads in the shop! I personally adore this 1960s patchwork dress! And can we talk about this pink mushroom cottagecore dress? Perfection!

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Young Naturals by Barnsville




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